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Digi Travellers Post Invitation

Digitravellers invites posts from Indian travelers. Share your travel experience stories (travel inside India), Travel Tips and win Flipkart vouchers.

It’s an all participate all win offer until the vouchers would be available. First 30 valid blog posts will get the Flipkart voucher 1 each.

Rules for Submission

  • Posts should be original and fresh. No grammar and spelling mistakes. Post should be interesting and informative as well.
  • Posts should be of at-least 600 words.
  • Travel experience post should have at-least 3 good quality photographs of the same travel experience.
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  • E-mail your post to the following mail-id as an attached word file and photos attached (jpeg or png or gif format).


** Digitravellers would publish the post along with your name as the author, but the blog post will be the proprietary of Digitravellers.


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