Traveling ALONE : Why YOU should do it at-least once in Your Lifetime

Traveling Alone

Source : Movie “Highway”

If we were to ask a group of people to choose between traveling alone and traveling with company, there would be an overwhelming response in the favor of the latter. Many people find it convenient to travel with someone they know owing to several factors like reduction in cost of the trip, having company to enjoy the trip with and many more. Traveling alone is an idea which is discarded even before being discussed. But not many realize that going on a journey, all by oneself, can be a whole new rewarding experience altogether. Below are some of the reasons for why you must embark on a solitary trip at least once in your life.

1. Freedom


Source : Movie “Taare Zameen Par

Imagine being on a journey where you don’t have to answer to anyone. You are at the liberty to do whatever you want, without being refuted by anyone. The only thing to which you answer is your heart. If you are travelling by a scenic landscape and you want to stop and appreciate it, you can do it without any worries! You are the ultimate planner. There is no itinerary to follow, no timelines to stick to. All that exists is your limitless imagination and your will to do everything possible to make the trip a memorable experience. You can enjoy the adventure in the way you see right instead of following the mainstream conventions. This sort of freedom is something which is quite hard to attain when traveling in group, since you have to listen to the opinion of the majority rather than your own.

2. Meeting NEW People

Meeting New People

Source : Movie “Jab We Met”

One of the major perks of traveling alone is that you find new people. While traveling with people always restricts your social aura, this is one thing that you wouldn’t have to worry about when going solo. You can meet fellow tourists, who for all you know may be traveling alone too! You may even end up falling in love. The mystery here is simply exhilarating. Speaking to someone new is like magic in itself. You are learning about the other person, their stories which may even end up inspiring you. Try living in hostels, which are filled with like minded tourists. Not only are you making new friends, but also finding people to do fun things with on your trip! You will definitely be coming back with lots of great stories.

3. Self-Contemplation

Source : Movie "Wake Up SID"

Source : Movie “Wake Up SID”

If you ever find yourself wondering about the questions like ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What am I to do with my life?’, then traveling alone is the best thing you can do to answer these questions. This is when you will learn the most about yourself, discover new things about you. When you are by yourself, you have all the time in the world to reflect on the personal, intimate thoughts which you normally wouldn’t do in a group. Traveling to a different place and the change in atmosphere which comes with it, is absolutely ideal for your lovely soul to ponder upon some of the important questions in life. Experiencing new things and learning from them can be a rewarding experience in the journey of finding such answers. If you still feel uneasy about this, then go and read the book, “EAT PRAY LOVE” to realize why this is such a fantastic idea.

4. Growing Up

Source : Movie "I am Kalam"

Source : Movie “I am Kalam

Traveling alone requires a great deal of courage, determination and motivation. Since you are by yourself, you have to be alert and responsible at all times. You have to make smart decisions and should have the grit to stick with them. New experiences mean new challenges, which in turn provide an opportunity in disguise for self improvement. There is a learning curve, which comes with being on a journey alone. If you are able to make it through to the end, then I can assure you my dear reader that you will be much more than what you were before you embarked on the adventure. You will be filled with an extraordinary sense of liberation and joy. Don’t grow OLD without ever traveling ALONE…

And here comes the last but the most important one

5. Find TIME to BE YOU

Source : Movie "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara"

Source : Movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”

Have you remembered when for the last time you sat alone in a calm place away from the busy life; When for the last time you talked with yourself and listened to your soul; When for the last time you have enjoyed the beauty of nature for hours and hours sitting on a bench without clicking a single photograph; When for the last time you danced like a child? If not, then travel alone once; You will get the chance to do everything which you wished since long. This will help you to BE YOU.

This is a  Guest Post by Chirag Dubey. Edited by Sidhartha.

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  1. A very nice and well written post. The post reminds me of my trip to Pondicherry for a conference. Since I had no known companion it was great to explore the city, the beach , the Shri Aurobindo Ashram alone and most importantly I made some friends during the conference. I feel the points highlighted in the post are very true.

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