Travel Gives Me Happiness

When we travel, we enjoy a lot and at the same time we learn about a new place. For me travel does not mean just to take a break in busy life but it helps me to start a new life. Travel teaches me to be responsible, punctual and self dependent. When in home, I depend on my mom even to bring me a glass of drinking water but while traveling, I used to wash my clothes and dishes.

I joined IIIT-Delhi for my M.Tech. IIIT-D is a place which forces to study and research. After joining there I had to stretch my study hours to cope with the ambiance. The daily routine was like “wake up at 6:00 am – morning work – breakfast – classlab – lunch – classlab – dinner – lab – come back to hostel room at 12:00 am”. I was spending around 15 hours a day in the class doing my course work or in the lab doing my project work. I was enjoying my work and followed the same routine continuously for one and half year.

From the beginning of my second year of M.Tech study I started feeling little tired of my work. And the tiredness became more intense gradually. Actually for more than one year the same life style bored me. I was planning of taking a break. But the busy study schedule was not allowing me. One day evening I thought of:

It’s since one and half years I have been staying in Delhi, but have not explored the beauty of the city yet.” Then I decided to explore the capital city during the remaining 8 months of my stay in Delhi.

Next day evening I visited Iskon Temple, Delhi. Initially I planned to visit the Lotus Temple, but when I reached near Lotus temple, a huge crowd was waiting outside the temple to get inside it. Then I changed my plan. Lotus Temple was within 2 kilometers from my hostel. From my hostel room its clearly visible. So, I thought that any time I could visit there. Then I started for Iskon Temple. It is 15 minutes of walking distance from the backside of Lotus Temple. You can find a pedestrian path running inside a beautiful garden at the backside of the Lotus Temple boundary wall, following which you can reach Iskon Temple.

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Delhi Iskon is a beautiful temple. Lord Krishna is the Deity of this temple. You can go there, sit on the floor and enjoy the “Hare Krishna, Hare Rama” bhajan. I spent around 2 hours over there. Then I enjoyed the delicious Prasad.

Above 2 paragraphs and all the photographs in this post has been taken from my personal website blog written just after I visited the Iskon Temple.

I slept for 8 hours after I came back from the temple visit on that day. Next day morning i felt like starting a new inning with a fresh mood.

This post is written to promote the “Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness”  activity initiated by Coca-Cola.

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