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Those days we were having many visits to different historical monuments in India. We had to prepare a report on “Historical Monuments of India, Today and Tomorrow“. This was the part of our thesis work in our Master degree in History specialization.

I and Rohan were enjoying this part of our thesis work a lot. The excitement within us was always up. For the first time I was having fun with my work. Traveling taught us a lot and at the same time left us with many precious experiences. Beauty of Taj Mahal, Art of Konark Temple, Royalty of Hawa Mahal, Culture of Khajuraho Temple and many more left both of us speechless. Gradually we were discovering the rich culture of India in its historical statues.

We won the best university thesis for that year. We were graduated but decided not to stop traveling. Many famous as well as unnoticeable monuments were waiting to welcome us. Gradually motor vehicles became our home and historical places became our destiny. Visiting to a new place was always like “Starting a New Life“.

I and Rohan joined Ph.D in History to add value to our visits. We have seen many colors of India together. Rohan was a master in analyzing historical problems. It was a fun to observe his analytic discoveries. If Rohan was not there, then probably I would not be a traveler.

I was on a vacation for few days. On that afternoon I received a call from Rohan:

Rohan: I met an accident two days back. Can you come back tomorrow?

I: Is there anything serious? Are you alright?

Rohan: Nothing major.

I: OK. I will reach by tomorrow evening.

The next day I reached the hospital where Rohan was admitted. I could not believe that Rohan was no more able to walk. Both of his legs were fractured. And the doctor had told that he would spend rest of his life on wheel chair.  I could not understand how to handle the situation. Rohan was silent and I too.

He was shifted to his home town so that his parents could take care of him. I continued my Ph.D and more importantly my travel but Rohan could not. 

I traveled and traveled without Rohan. Many parts of India and the world got captured in my camera and got described in my diary. Though I never found a company like Rohan but managed to make friends in many of my tours to avoid the loneliness.

Occasionally I look back and ask to God, “Why did he do this with Rohan?“. We together had a dream to visit every corner of the world. Why God left me without company and Rohan without legs?

After 5 years of my lonely travel life, I decided to meet Rohan.

I entered Rohan’s living room. It was a mini library. I was looking around the room.

Rohan: How is your life going on?

I: Good but lonely.

Rohan: You never came to meet me in last five years. It was painful.

I: I am very sorry, but could not collect the courage to face you… Anyways, Have you read all these books?

Rohan: Not all but most of them.

I: So, you have started a new life then “From a traveler to a reader”

Rohan: For me, “Starting of New Life” is a repeating incidence. When I read a new book, it happens; when I change my clothes in the morning, it happens; when I dream, it happens; when I try to stand by myself, it happens… Actually I fell in love with Starting a New Life everyday and every moment. It encourages me to continue my life…

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