Some safety tips for women travelling alone

Travelling alone comes with its own pros and cons. On one hand, being nervous about taking one’s own care might scare you but on the other hand, it rewards you as boosting your confidence. Below are some of the tips to help you with your traveling.

  • Before you start your journey, do your research for the stay, transportation, weather etc. well beforehand.
  • If possible have a look at the map of the places you plan to visit. You can buy or print guidebook for the place of your visit. This will help in developing your confidence while traveling.
  • Before starting the trip, try to figure out the distance between the station/ airport to lodge and to various places of visit (to and fro). This sometimes helps in bargaining the transportation rates.
  • Keep handy the address of the hotel/hostel you are going to stay both in English and the local language of the place. This is not hard these days, you can use google for it.
  • After check-in into your room at the hotel, have look around if there is anything unusual like camera etc.
  • While traveling abroad, try to keep the embassy numbers with you (Not only in the phone but also in pocket dairy).
  • Always carry your id-card/passport with yourself.
  • If possible, carry some pepper spray with yourself.
  • As a general rule: do not keep all cash at the same place.
  • It’s not a bad idea to memorize one or two contact numbers of your close family members. This may be of great help at times.
  • Try not to accept drinks from strangers. It’s not always that the new friend would have bad intention but it’s better to take care of yourself.
  • Try to learn some local words. This not only wins the heart of the locals of the place but also is helpful while communicating (and also bargaining) at shops, local restaurants, etc.
  • Choose your outfit something that will make you easier to blend with the crowd [Source].
  • Lastly, trust your instinct and keep your eyes and ears open.

Please note that above tips are mostly from my personal experience.

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