Six must visit Cities in India for a true FOODIE

There are many places in India which are particularly known for their food. Their uniqueness, the cultural influence and the diversity of the cuisines makes it all the worthwhile to visit such destinations. Let’s take a look at few of these cities.

1. Delhi

Along with being the political hub of country and being home to the millions of hearty people, the capital city is also well known for its lip-smacking delicacies which it has to offer. From the legendary paranthe wali gali in the heart of Old delhi to the staggering modernized lanes of Nizamuddin and Connaught Place, Delhi is one place which a food simply cannot afford to miss. Come here to experience the food of the Mughals. Be it any time of the day or night, you will find an array of cuisines to drool over and sooth your hunger. Due to its proximity with the northern states, the dishes here are also a representation of those areas. A must visit for any foodie.

2. Goa

We all know that Goa is the party capital of the country, but in addition to that, it is also popular for its spectacular and diverse Konkani cuisine. The freshness of the sea fishes, when mixed with a harmonious blend of local spices will leave you in a state of awe. Be it the mouth-watering curries or a simple dry roasted fish, you will always be amazed. The rich Portuguese history of the region has influenced the local cuisine over, which makes it all the more intriguing to visit it. Walk in any of the shacks by the beaches and enjoy a cold glass of beer, while looking at the mesmerizing sunset.

3. Chennai

If you seek an authentic, South Indian Brahmin meal, then Chennai is the place for you. Start your day like the millions other in the city, with a hot filter coffee. Then proceed to have the appetizing idli, vadas and dosas for breakfast. At lunch, enjoy the traditional meal which is served over banana leaf, comprising of sambar, rasam, different kinds of curries, vegetable dishes – all served with rice. This heavenly fusion of so many dishes is simply too good to be true! And when it’s evening, walk along the Marina beach and enjoy the dishes which are prepared in the small food stalls! All in all, Chennai is a city which will leave you captivated.

4. Kolkata

If you feel that Bengali language is the only sweet gift of the region to the country; think again. Bengali deserts are something which are popular worldwide. The sandesh, mishthi dahi and rasgullas are the three must dishes which you have to try when in Kolkata. But if you aren’t a sweet person, then fret not! The fish curry cooked in mustard seed paste is the local dish here and it is absolutely delicious. Also, since the region is also influenced by the North-Eastern part of the country, the food streets here are filled with cuisines like momos and rolls. If you love the blend of sweet and sour, then Kolkata is the place for you!

5. Surat

If you are a vegetarian, then Surat is one place which you can’t afford to miss. Since the majority of the population here belong to the Jain sect, the local cuisine is highly simple and pure, yet breathtaking complex and delicious at the same time. This is possibly the only part in the country where the food is really healthy in terms of the oil usage. It is particular famous for its wide varieties of snacks like fafdas, jalebis, dhoklas, sev and many more! Don’t miss out on trying the kadhi – a sweet or tangy curry which is a part of the main meal, absolutely unique to the region.

6. Indore

Located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, the well preserved town of Indore is not known to many, but the best treasure of this city lies in its unique cuisine. Sarafa Bazaar and Chappan (56) are the two places which you must visit when in Indore, especially during the evening. The array of snacks here, ranging from Hot Dogs, Samosas, Kachoris, halwas, shrikhand and many more are bound to make you come back for more. The breakfast of the city is Poha and Jalebi – again unique to the city and a must try. The many restaurants here serving North Indian dishes are worth a visit.

This is a  Guest Post by Chirag Dubey

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