My Travel Friend – The new Moto E

Traveling is always fun. It keeps you excited all the time, teaches you a lot and at the same time leaves you with lot of pretty experiences. For me traveling makes me more responsible, punctual and self dependent.

I travel a lot throughout the year. In today’s digital world we carry lot of electronic devices while traveling. I carry my MP3 Player for listening music, Mobile Phone for attending calls, Digital Camera for capturing pictures and sometime Video Camera to take video shots.

Don’t you feel, it would be wonderful if we can get all these features in one device without compromising the quality? The answer would be definitely “YES“. New Moto E provides all these features to a traveler like me. Carrying a New Moto E with me while traveling, would help me cutting down the list of electronic luggage and at the same time I would be able to enjoy a perfect digital travel experience.

New Moto E : Gives a Digital Travel Experience

New Moto E : Gives a Perfect Digital Travel Experience

While I look on the following attractive features of the New Moto E, I get excited for my next trip with the device.

1. It fits to My Style

Colourful New Moto EWhile traveling I love to have trendy look. Come on, I am on a holiday trip. So, no need to be dressed formal. It would be great if all my belongings would fit to my style. And here the New Moto E comes up with my expectation. I can customize Moto E by choosing from colorful Motorola Bands or Grip Shells that are easy to swap out, so I can change my phone accent color as often as I want. Not only are the patented bands designed to look great, but they also feature a unique ridged pattern which provides an even better grip.

2.I love Photography while Traveling

The device allows me to take more shots with both front and rear cameras. The front camera helps me to take my selfies.  The 5 MP rear camera with 4X digital zoom captures quality snaps. The “Quick Capture” and “Tap anywhere to capture” properties of the phone helps me taking a quick shot while on a moving vehicle also. The capability of the camera to take the Panorama has added another positive value to it. At the same time I am able to capture video with 720p HD quality.

3. Storage Space is not a Problem

I can’t resist myself in capturing a lot while New Moto E is in my hand. Then where can I store all these high quality photos and videos? Moto E says “No Worry“. It comes with 8GB of internal storage, and with a slot for an optional microSD card. Storage can be further expanded by up to 32GB using this microSD card.

4. Seeing more Clearly

How can I keep on capturing without going through the beautiful photographs which I have clicked? The 4.5″ qHD screen is the sharpest in its class and allows me to see the photos and the videos clearly.

5. Keep going with an all-day Battery

The powerful camera would be of no use if I can’t capture because my device has drained out of charge. An all-day battery of Moto E lets me go farther and longer without stopping to recharge.

6. Connect with Anyone, Anywhere

I have clicked a lot. What is the point if I can’t share those with my friends? 4G LTE or 3G capability of Moto E allows me to start sharing the photographs in the social media as soon as I click those.

The above points are enough for me to enjoy my trips with the New Moto E. But for more information I am highlighting the following advantages of the device:

>> Faster, with a quad-core processor

>> With the latest Android OS (Android™ 5.0, Lollipop)

>> Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a water-resistant coating help protect my phone and keep it looking new

>> It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

>> Last but not the least, I use it like my MP3 device while in a mood to listen music. Even all day battery helps me to watch videos and have long conversations with my friends

So New Moto E

So, New Moto E

This post has been written to promote the “#ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E” activity initiated by Motorola. All the technical details about the New Mote E has been collected from here and here.

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