Checklist of essentials to pack for a day’s trip

Be it a day out at a local fair, nearby tourist place or a day out for exploring the new city of the hotel that you recently checked in, carrying small essential stuffs makes the day trip comfortable and enjoyable. 

Initially, I would just take my wallet and leave from the hotel/home. But then there were instances of going through nightmares of using public toilets, having an almost dead mobile towards the end of the day making it more difficult to book a cab and many more such incidents. These incidents would dampen my travel spirit and enthusiasm. But with time and experience I came up with my own checklist of the essentials that made the travel really comfortable and enjoyable. The best part is that these stuffs fits pretty well in my sling bag or even a small backpack/ laptop bag. 

Following is the list of essentials which I generally carry on a day trip –

  • Money 
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Identity  proof (Voter Card, Aadhaar card, Passport etc.)
  • Mobile
  • Power bank for charging mobiles.
  • Camera and its accessories
  • Ear phones
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Paper soaps
  • Moisturizer and lip-balm
  • Comb 

Do not forget to keep these in your bag while going out for a day trip

While above mentioned stuffs needs no description,  some unusual stuffs I like to keep in my bag are listed below –

  • Tissue papers/ rolls – Useful as seat cover while using public toilets and reduces the chance of infection.
  • Caps/ small umbrellas This one depends on weather i.e on a sunny or rainy day. 
  • Old newspaper sheets – One or two sheets are generally sufficient.
  • Chocolates or light snacks like dry fruits – Carry small amount of these as they are really helpful to fight back with small hungers.
  • Glasses or lenses (if you wear any)When I use lens, I like to carry a spare case and the smallest bottle of lens solution in my bag.
  • Pen and small dairy – To jot down any information. 
  • Medicines – Specific to personal requirement

The above listed stuffs are for the trips when we start from our home or hotel and we know that we will be back at night. 

Let us know in the comment section if we have missed something . Hope this checklist helps save your time.

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