First time Flyers (I)- List of Essentials to be Packed

Flying for the first time! Feeling excited, nervous, and confused?

Mostly the railways and roadways are the more common and economical ways to move for Indian middle-class. Therefore, flying for the first time is always a kind of adventure in itself. It always has a mixed feeling of excitement to be in air; nervousness if everything will go smoothly; and confusion of what to pack and not. This article is to make your ordeal stress free.

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Let’s start with the list of essentials to be packed. Surely travel light but do not forget to pack the essentials. The checklist which I generally follow for domestic flight is as follows:

  • Identity proof: Passport/Voter card/Pan card etc.
  • Hard copy of itinerary / Online Boarding pass (if you have checked in online).
  • Minimum enough cash.
  • Credit and debit cards.
  • Laptop, mobile, and their chargers.
  • Specks and its case if you use any.
  • Keep a jacket/stole with you, if you think you will be feeling cold in the airport or flight. One can carry it in hands so that it does not add to your luggage weight.

Let us know if we have missed something or you have any suggestions to be added to the list.

Check carefully beforehand for the items allowed and banned in the hand baggage. Also, check the allowed weight of the luggage you can carry. This may differ and depend on the airline and its type.

Some common kinds of stuff which are not allowed in hand luggage are lighters, sharp objects, tools etc. Also liquids exceeding 100ml can not be carried in hand luggage.

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