First time Flyers (III)– Few Tips for On-board

After having done the check-in for the flight (see the post: Steps to follow till Boarding the Flight) and having reached the scheduled gate for the departure one needs to wait for the boarding announcement. Till then one can relax.

Internet wi-fi facilities are also provided by airports. So if you want to work or drop quick e-mails, this is a good time!!. In this post we have tried to give small and quick tips for the fist time flyers after boarding the aircraft.

On the announcement of boarding, proceed to your flight’s gate number. At times, for many flights, the economy and business class have different queues. Get your boarding pass ready. Wait in queue till your turn comes up. On your turn, show your boarding pass and proceed to the flight. At this point, you will be checked for the stamped security tags on your handbags.

Once you enter the craft, figure out your seat number. These will be written on the overhead bins as shown in the image below.

Seat Number (Source)

Keep your luggage in the overhead cabins. As the flight begins, you will be advised on safety tips which you need to follow. Now relax and enjoy the flight (with some jerks during the take off).

On board, you can always ask for a glass of water which will be served free of cost as many times as you want. Else, one can buy water bottles too. Some airlines have food included in the ticket fare while in others you can order the food from their menu. However, as I find them bit costly, therefore for short flights, I prefer to carry my own dry snacks (Word of advice: Check the rules beforehand to know which food can be carried in hand luggage).

During the flight, due to the change in latitude one may have some feeling of uneasiness in ears like air being blocked in it. No worries. You will be fine. All you need to do it just swallow.

If you feel like vomiting, ask for sickness/vomit bag if you do not find one in your seat pocket of the aircraft.

Please be aware that one cannot use the washroom during the take-off and landing of the flight. So, it’s always good to use the washroom in the airport before boarding the flight.

The lavatories of the aircraft may be a bit scary with the lights getting on and off as the door is locked and opened, vacuum flush creating large noise but do not worry, it’s all a part of flying 😉 . If you need any help, do not hesitate to talk to the flight attendant.

Flight attendant call button (Source)

Hope this article helps you have a stress free and fun filled journey!!!

Let us know in comments if you have some advice or interesting stories and experience of your first-time flying …

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