The DinnerBox.. an uneven experience

The DinnerBox… an uneven experience

I have already published this travel experience story @ igniteengineers. As digitravellers is a sister blog site of igniteengineers, I thought of republishing the story as the first post under this site since the post suits the best to this platform.


“Dinnerbox”; an experience and my first post under “Evening Walk” and honestly speaking not collected from my evening walk abstract thoughts and not also my own experience story. This is an experience heard from one of my friend (please note the courtesy section at the end of the column).

“Dinnerbox” column has been named so from the influencing factor of the movie “Lunchbox” and its name. It was so heart touching movie I have ever seen. Of-course my mom and paa could not appreciate the theme of the movie (at least not in-front of me ;-) ) but I was impressed with the concept of the movie.

Now starting with the Story

Day 18/04/2014, time 9:00 pm; I was boarded to the Mandor Express at old Delhi Railway Station. Journey was intentional but not full of excitement ahead, as the objective was to attend the PhD admission exam in IIT Jodhpur. Yes, my destination point was Jodhpur; 10 hours train journey from Delhi.

I turned around my wrist watch to check the time. Oops, it was 9:30, train has just caught its average speed. Thought of setting my bed on the upper berth and sleep to feel better than the exam fever, but the romantic breeze rushing through the window of the train was tempting me not to leave the lower berth until and unless the passenger of the same would come and demand for sleeping.

I moved my neck to have a look at the ambiance of the train. A middle class man (in my assumption) was sitting in front of me. Hopefully he was also enjoying the the wonderful puff of air. Within the exchange of our mild smile the next station came. He asked me the time. I replied 9:45.

After two minutes, train whistled for its next destination. I started enjoying the black beauty of the nature outside the window. Suddenly a crunching sound attracted my attention. I saw the man sitting in front of me opened his bag and took out a polythene. He opened the polythene and I looked with curiosity in his ignorance. Probably he started eating something taking out of that. He looked at me and shook his hands and head simultaneously. I told no thanks; without knowing the purpose of him, with my assumption that he was offering me something to eat.  I ended up my curiosity and tried loosing myself in the gust. After around five minutes, the train slowed down to stop in its next station. The man suddenly left the berth with the opened and messy polythene on the lower berth where he was sitting.

My mobile started ringing. I deviated from the thought of the left polythene and received my call with a heavy voice of “Hello”. “Why didn’t you call me the whole day and where do you keep your mobile all the time?”, the question made me awaken and dragged me to an “excuse” mode  :roll: . The long list of ideas started rolling into my mind and I started making many hopeless attempts as usual.

“Is this your packet?”, I heard and turned around with the on going excusing sentence on the phone. I nodded my head left & right looking towards the old gentleman. Within no time Mr. Uncleji lifted the messy polythene and threw it out of the train window before I could say something to him. Then he cleaned the seat with a news paper and occupied the lower berth just next to the window in front of me. He threw an appealing smile towards me and I replied the same with little less intensity. By that time I managed to bring the situation under control over phone and trying to stretch me legs by lifting them up to the front seat just side to Uncleji.

In the mean time the man who left his polythene packet unsolved on my front seat, entered the berth with a water bottle, probably just bought from any stall on the station platform. He asked, here I left my… He looked towards Uncleji; Uncleji looked towards me; I told over phone “Tum abhi rakho main thodi der main baat karta hoon“. Uncleji told me you didn’t tell me anything. I was confused what to say; just thinking with a confused embarrassed smile. First of all I could not understand where the man went leaving his polythene, second Uncleji did a spontaneous job of throwing that without allowing me to state anything. And that to all these happened during my great phone call which till date I could never solve out.

“That was my Dinnerbox. I have not taken anything for the whole day today”. My break-free stream of thinking collapsed at a sudden. “But Uncleji threw it outside”, I replied ignoring the reaction of Uncleji to emphasize that I was not the culprit. He asked where. Uncleji replied just there, signaling outside of the window. He started rushing outside to collect his unfinished Dinnerbox. Uncleji winking out of the window to instruct him where exactly he threw it. Train whistled to leave the station. I threw my bag to the upper berth and thought of setting up my bed to say good night.

Courtesy : Vijender Sharma (The experience holder on his way for PhD exam in IIT Jodhpur)

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