6 Tips for Traveling ALONE

With the recent advancements in the field of technology and owing to a sudden boost in the urbanization, traveling alone is an option which more and more people are considering these days. As a consequence of many wonderful reasons for traveling solo, thousands of tourists across the world are embarking on a solitary journey daily. Read “Traveling ALONE : Why YOU should do it at-least once in Your Lifetime” to get the inspiration 🙂 . But with great adventures, comes great risks. There are certain things which must be kept in mind while going on a trip alone. Have a look to find out what they are.

1. Research, Research and Research!

This is one of the most required thing you should do to make your journey the most beneficial and memorable one. Researching well in advance, thoroughly about the entire trip will put you ahead and increase your awareness about the place you are visiting. Make sure you study every possible detail of your trip – flight tickets, picking up and dropping fares, commuting in the city and such things. Having a brief idea about these particulars will enable you to keep your budget in track and also give you the upper hand and confidence while being in a new city.

2. Explore your staying options

When traveling in groups, we always have this habit of staying in hotels and resorts. But one of the main perks of being alone is that you can ditch the mainstream places and experiment with new staying options like paying guests, hostels, traditional lodging and even couch surfing. Not only it is easy on your wallet, but it also gives you this wonderful opportunity to meet fellow travelers and share your experiences with them. But be sure to investigate well before your trip about lodging options with respect to budget, amenities and location. Call in advance and make sure that they are up to the standards you seek.

3. Blend with the crowd

Your vulnerability is the highest when you are alone – this is one thought which deters many travelers who think of going solo. But this can easily be avoided if one simply makes an effort to blend with the crowd. Instead of wearing a shirt which boldly reads, “I love France” while being in Paris, try wearing something which is much more subtle and not so loud. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention to yourself by standing out from the crowd in the form of con artists. Try learning the local language and speaking to the people around you. Befriending a local person like a bartender or even a teacher can give you that self-assurance and a new friend in the strange place.

4. Always pack light

Only carry the essentials with you. Don’t pack the things which you don’t need for the trip. Having a light suitcase reduces your baggage and also the risk of you forgetting your stuff. In addition to this, your maneuverability would be much simpler. You can easily move between places without the hassle of packing and unpacking your luggage!

5. Meet fellow travelers

Interacting with people who are also on the same path; you are not only enables you to share the adventure with them, but also gives you a travel companion to do the things in the city. In this way, you are never alone in a city of unknown people and you always have somebody to rely on. Obviously, you have to be really careful when meeting someone new, which brings me to the next point.

6. Always keep your guard up

Trust everyone and no one.

This is one advice which all the lone travelers will give you. While sharing stories and experiences with others is the great way of getting to know someone, always know where to draw the line. Don’t tell them in the first statement that you are travelling alone. Always keep your stories straight with simple lies to avoid exposing yourself. Don’t fall for the people offering you pass for the party or trying to lure you into something unknown.

Stay safe and be smart!

This is a Guest Post by Chirag Dubey.


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